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Heidi Uuranniemi

Attorney And Real Estate Broker

About Me

Heidi Uuranniemi provides prospective homeowners with an exceptional experience as they tour various residences. While real estate agents see many houses every day, homeowners do not devote nearly as much time or have as much experience. They need all the advice they can obtain in order to choose one property over another.

As a result, Heidi Uuranniemi favors VR and AR since they assist transmit a lot more information. Augmented reality may also be used to set the atmosphere and show people the existing characteristics of a home as well as how it might appear if the owner decides to make some modifications.

And, because people are still seeking to maintain social distance during the coronavirus pandemic that is spreading COVID-19 illnesses all over the world, looking for homes with AR and VR systems will assist individuals avoid infecting one another. So, according to Heidi Uuranniemi, there is a practical benefit to employing virtual worlds in real estate solely from a health standpoint.